Science Short Stories Part 2

Last week, I posted Part 1, and I said that part 2 was coming this week. Well, here it is.

1. Would I go on the Inspiration4?

Crew Dragon Resilience Crew-1.jpg
Resilience at the Kennedy Space Center

Image source: Wikipedia

I would go. I think it is important to raise money and awareness for sick kids. I would go to Kennedy Space Center, ride the simulator, and take the astronaut training tour there to train for the mission. It would help me get ready to go to space much faster than normal astronaut.

2. Should space tourism happen?

Astronauts going to space

Video source: Refine

I think that it could be safe with the right training and preparations. I also think that there should be at least one trained astronaut on board every launch. I think it’s not a great idea, though. What if pollution spread to space? Then, we would have to fix even more than we already have to. I think it should wait until things are better environmentally on Earth.

3. The cat story

cats hate water
Cat taking a bath

Image source: Box For Cat

There were a lot of stray cats in the alleyways of New York City. But they weren’t stray. Not exactly. Someone, an old woman, would come out of her apartment every day and leave food and water for the strays. Some even lived with her, contrary to the building’s rules. She fed and took care of them for years, until one day it stopped.

4. Dinosaur chasing me

T-rex chase

Video source: ThreeGirlsProductions

It was a huge dinosaur: a T-rex. I ran as fast as I could through the woods. But, it chased after me. It thought I was it’s lunch. Unfortunately for the dinosaur, I had other plans. I wasn’t going to be eaten, not today, at least. I kept running until I saw the wooden hut that I lived in with my family. I shoved the door open, went insiide, and slammed the door shut.

5. What is the most important invention?

Graph for annual electrical manufacturers lobbying

Image source: FEE

I think the lightbulb is the most important discovery. It led to electricity, which everyone uses 24/7. Also, without it, places would probably burn down more often because people would use fire to light their homes. Where would we be now without the invention of the lightbulb?

6. Washing Machine story

Front Load Washers1
Washing machine

Image source: LG

I was staying at the hotel for two weeks, so I needed to my laundry. Unfortunately, my room didn’t come with a washing machine and dryer, so I had to use the public one.

7. Letter to United Academics Magazine

Image source: United Academics Magazine

Dear United Academics Magazine,
Something is bothering me: lots of kids have pediatric illnesses, but most illnesses don’t have cures, only treatments. For example, I have Polycythemia Vera (PV). There is a cure, but I can’t get it unless my medicine stops working. The cure, in case you didn’t know, is a bone marrow transplant. There should be a cure that doctors at the hematology oncology floor can perform when the patient is diagnosed. If that were the case, I wouldn’t have had PV for (almost) twelve years, and I wouldn’t have been on chemo for that long, or maybe not at all.
Emma Zwick

I hope you enjoyed part 2. Keep watching for part 3 next week!

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I am a normal kid who happens to have Polycythemia Vera, loves to go to Disney, and likes to have fun. I blog to tell the world about my experiences and thoughts about various aspects of life.

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