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Yesterday, we (meaning my mom) set up a Facebook page for Accessories Made by MEE. Please like it to support us. The link is If you aren’t on Facebook, you can also support us by going to But, if you are on Facebook, you might be able to buy things before we list it on Etsy, or stuff that we might not list on Etsy. We will also keep you updated on this blog.

Another benefit of supporting us is that we donate 10% of our profit to Chai Lifeline, an organization that helps kids with pediatric illnesses and disabilities. To read my own medical story, read my Rare Disease Day blog. Everything at Accessories Made by MEE is handmade with love, and we make it and ship it within a week. Just by reading our blog posts, you are supporting us, so thank you. I hope you decide to support us even more.

Published by ezwick042507

I am a normal kid who happens to have Polycythemia Vera, loves to go to Disney, and likes to have fun. I blog to tell the world about my experiences and thoughts about various aspects of life.

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